Meet The First String Healthcare Team

Each person at The First String Healthcare brings their individual skills, knowledge, talent and personality to the table creating one of the most hard-working and dynamic teams in the industry. We have a dedicated nursing leadership, allied and healthcare executive recruitment team that works ’round the clock to make sure your needs are taken care of and that we continue to exceed your expectations. We provide the best service, with only the best team behind the wheel.

Lucy Pantoskey


Brad Pantoskey

Executive VP, Relationship Development


Chief Dog Officer

Chrissy Burke

Regional VP, Relationship Development

Jessica Zell

Regional Relationship Director, West Coast

Anne Lim

Operations Director

Andrea Lopez

Marketing Director

Lauren Johnson

Recruitment Manager, Perm Division

Adam Guttmann

Recruitment Manager, Interim Division

Katie Graham

Appreciation Manager

Daniel Vidikan

Administration Manager

Kylie Pantoskey

Finance Manager

Matt Langenfeld

Concierge Services Manager

Samantha Hill

Recruitment Specialist, Interim Division

Kelsi Phillips

Recruitment Specialist, Interim Division

Joe Della Maggiore

Recruitment Specialist, Permanent Division

Lindsay Wear

Relationship Coordinator

Emily Lucas The First String

Emily Lucas

Relationship Coordinator

Dana Bonifacio

Concierge Services Coordinator

Thu Do

Recruitment Research Analyst, Interim Division

Steph Smith

Recruitment Research Analyst, Perm Division

Michael Della Maggiore

Recruitment Research Analyst, Perm Division

McKenna Johnson

Recruitment Research Analyst, Perm Division

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