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Let the words of our interim and permanent candidates tell you why we are the leading healthcare leadership recruiting company and what makes us different than any other recruitment services company out there.

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“This is my first assignment with First String and I’ve been super impressed with their support, personal communication, living arrangements, and so much more. Just getting through the licensing process in one state was really difficult and Lucy and her team really persisted. I’ve enjoyed working with them immensely and look forward to more opportunities in the near future.”

– Robin, Interim Maternal Child Director

“The First String is a very dedicated organization focused on meeting the needs of the organization as well as the consultant. They seek the highest qualified candidates to achieve goals at a high level. Finding the right fit allows both the employer and employee to excel. Look no further than the First String. Once you used them, you’ll continue.”

– Rose, Infection Control Manager

“I worked with The First String as an interim leader and found this group to be very supportive of their ‘talent’! They truly consider your needs in every way, making it possible to uproot, travel, live in temporary housing; all of the inconveniences involved are so much easier with this professional partner on your side. It allowed me to really focus on getting the job done for the client!”

– Judy, Interim Leader Customer Experience

– Sheilagh Barry, Interim Director Perioperative Services, 2/21/2018

“This is my first assignment with First String, and I have to say that from the very beginning the entire team have been so supportive and helpful with all my needs. They are available at any time to support with great housing, travel plans, and even a monthly gift to show their appreciation which is such a kind touch. I look forward to an ongoing future working with such great people.”

– Cheryl, Interim Nurse Executive Leader, 2/21/2018

“Interim work is not for the faint of heart. It is at the very least a rewarding challenge. Each assignment produces a unique set of opportunities within the organization with specific deliverables. This is my second assignment with The First String and I can assure you that they are with you every step of the way…. supporting and mentoring behind the scenes to assist you in achieving ultimate success. It’s a great company to work for and I am proud to represent them.”

– Loren, Interim Leader Sterile Processing, 2/19/2018

“I began my first Interim assignment with The First String in May of 2017. The First String are simply exceptional. Th ere entire management team works very diligently to make your interim experiance absolutely rewarding and very comfortable. The First String are industry leaders in every way in Healthcare leadership and management consulting. A++!!!”

– Karen, Interim Director Oncology Services, 1/3/2018

“My 1st interim role with First String. The support team is exceptional – from travel and transport to lodging and expenses. The monthly gift perks are fun.”

– Kerry, Interim, 1/3/2018

“I have been working with The First String for the past 18 months. I couldnt be happier. They take good care of their interims from travel plans and benefits, to living accommodations. The staff is so dedicated. I couldnt be happier and so proud to be working for TFS.”

– Jim, Interim Manager ED, 1/3/2018

I am coming up on my two year anniversary in Anchorage Alaska with First String. What an amazing journey with a great Team! The First String Team is the best I have ever worked with and for. They provide excellent opportunities while providing fantastic support! Thank you and Happy New Year to The First String Team!”

– Paul, Interim Director of Behavioral Health, 12/27/2017

“I have been doing interim work in the behavioral health field and have contracted with a number of hospital management firms and interim placement organizations over the past 20 years. I have found The First String to be the best organization to work for. Reimbursement was very good, but more importantly you are continually treated as a valued partner. They have always immediately responded to any questions I have had. I would not hesitate to contract with The First String in the future. “

– Donna, Interim Perioperative Services, 11/24/2017

“Lucy and her team are superb! I have worked with The First String for several years for different engagements and opportunities. In this business it is a matter of timing and The First String recruiters act quickly and keep me updated. Once engaged, the entire First String team ensures you are well supported! The First String is my top choice when it comes to professional recruitment and placement. Thank you First String for being what I consider a professional partner!”

– Jenny, Interim Perioperative Services, 11/27/2017

“I had heard so many good things about First String Healthcare that I knew when the time was right for me to transition from permanent to interim they would be my top choice to work with. Lucky for me everything worked out and I am currently on assignment under their care – and that is the perfect word to describe the organization. Every person that I have come in contact with, whether on the phone or via email, has been so caring and helpful. They have been superstars and I have really appreciated the support, organization, and caring that has gone into making my assignment successful!”

– Frank, Interim Cath Lab Manager, 10/25/2017

“I have worked with many interim placement firms and this has been the most satisfying. Great support and communication. I had a problem with my health while on the engagement, and they were very understanding and patient while I recovered. Payment is fast and reliable, and benefits are good as you need them. I will work with them again, if given the opportunity.”

– Vivian, Interim Manager at Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, 10/18/2017

“This is my second time working with The First String. The first time I was hired permanently after 10 months and then I retired but now I am back again. This is the only company that I will ever work for. They value their employees and show it with all the little touches like monthly gifts, points to buy nice things when you stay on assignment for a few months and very nice Christmas gifts. In fact, my gift was personally delivered by Brad and I felt so special. I too share the love of Napa and the fine wines they make. Every amenity that I can think of was there in my furnished apartment. The team researches for the best housing options with safety and comfort a priority. I love my whole team, and feel like a VIP with their company.”

– April, Interim Infection Prevention Program Manager, 10/10/2017

“I am on assignment with another agency and hope First String has an availability when I complete this assignment. First String made my assignment easier by handling the tedious housekeeping tasks associated with interim positions, such as payroll, travel, housing, transportation, and insurance with the least amount of fuss. I sometimes feel that the red tape for my current company is more stressful than the job itself and that they really don’t care about me, just the money I can make for them. Not so with First String! They treated me like a family member. I would always choose them first when an assignment is available.”

– Ryan, Interim Director of Emergency Services, 9/25/2017

“First String works closely with their leaders professionally and personally to make sure your assignment are what you are looking for. Always available to address concern and follows up quickly and persicely. I have been so impressed and happy to be apart of their team.”

– Kristin, Interim Director of Food & Nurition Services, 9/21/2017

“I am completing my first interim assignment this week and cannot speak highly enough about First String. This has been an incredible experience! I have received great support from the First String team throughout this assignment. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and encourage anyone considering an assignment with First String to take a chance. You will not be disappointed! Thank you First String team!! “

– Beth, Interim ED Director, 9/6/2017

“Wonderful company to work for, very smooth process and everyone was great! Looking forward to working with you again!”

– Laurie, Interim Director Perioperative Services, 9/5/2017

“I can endorse The First String without reservation. From my first interaction with them through placement at my current assignment they have been supportive and considerate of me, my professional goals, and my future plans. I will be completing my current assignment soon and plan to pursue future assignments through The First String.”

– Melissa, Interim Infection Preventionist, 8/4/2017

“All my experiences with First String have been excellent. Sam, Emily, and Dana were all excellent to work with. Communication was never an issue and I felt informed during the entire process. This is my first assignment with the First String and I have certainly been made to feel important. The little things they have done, have really meant a lot. Thanks so much for a great experience!”

– Patty, Interim Director of Perinatal Services, 8/4/2017

“The First String is an amazing company to work with! Every step of the way I felt supported and encouraged. It’s been a great experience to work with such a professional, dynamic team. I have recommended several people so far and will continue to do so.”

– Chris, Interim RN MSN CNOR, 4/28/2017

“Working with the professionals at The First String was my best Interim experience. I had support and always felt that if there were questions I would get an answer. I fully plan to continue working with this great organization as I continue my Interim Management Career. I was placed in a position that met my needs and matched my skills with what the facility needed. This effort to get good matches makes for a successful assignment for everyone.”

– Megan, Interim Director, 3/10/2017

“I am grateful to have answered the phone call from Lauren at First String. From our first encounter, she was professional, easy to talk to, and flexible in her availability. Lauren was honest in explaining opportunities that were available and focused on finding the best possible fit for what was important to me. She went above and beyond to ensure my needs were taken into consideration. She has an innate ability to identify talent and offer opportunities that will enable professional growth and a good fit. I would highly recommend working with Lauren.”

– Deborah, Interim, 2/26/2017

“This is my first assignment with The First String. I have been amazed at how well I am treated. This is by far the best travel nurse company I have worked for and I do not think I could go elsewhere. The personal attention and quick response to any issue that arises is like nothing I have experienced before as a travel nurse. The best thing I have found is that the entire First String team communicates very well with each other in making sure all of my needs are met and that my assignment is running smoothly. The compensation is also the best I have seen. Thank you First String! I look forward to a long working relationship.”

– Mary Jo, Interim Management/Director, 2/2/2017

“I started working as an interim about 1.5 years ago. I have been fortunate enough to work great assignments and to meet wonderful people. However, and this is a huge however, I never have felt so appreciated as I have with The First String. The staff is wonderful, helpful, cheerful and happy. It is truly a pleasure working for them. And did I mention how thoughtful they are? Flowers, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, office supplies. I have been in nursing for 40+ years, never have I been treated so well. Thank you. I hope we can continue this relationship until I retire. Special thanks to Sam and Matt.”

– Pamela, Interim Director Case Management, 1/23/2017

“I had the most amazing year in San Francisco as a result of my placement with First String Health Care. I found First String to be quick and responsive to my needs and my place in San Fran was awesome. The monthly gifts were well appreciated.”

– Chris, Interim Periop Consultant, 1/18/2017

“The First String makes working as an interim leader very easy. I appreciate the concierge-level of support our professionals in the home office provide, which allows me to focus 100% on delivering results for our clients. I am very proud to be part of such a great team!”

– April, Interim Nurse Leader, 12/23/2016

“I have enjoyed working with the First String Healthcare team. I have been able to get consistent assignments as a nurse leader for coming up on a year. The team has accommodated visits for my family to come visit me as well as for me to fly home when needed. Travel has been simple and I truely enjoy this work and lifestyle. I am thankful for the easy and timely communication from ALL team members.”

– Sheryl, Interim Periop Educator, 10/26/2016

“As a seasoned consultant, I have worked with several companies over the years. The First String is hands down the most professional and compassionate consulting firm that I have been employed by. The First String staff in all of their specialized departments are efficient, pleasant, and most importantly, they are timely with addressing your needs.

I just accepted my second job with First String without hesitation. The housing they provide is exceptional as are all the little things they do to show appreciation for the demanding work we do as interim consultants. That’s something you don’t find easily.

I highly recommend this company because they are fair and transparent. Their name is befitting, you won’t see them sitting on the bench!  “

– Erin, Interim Nurse Manager, 9/29/2016

“I cannot say enough about how happy I am with my choice to join The First String. Every single person is so kind and caring and works so hard to make sure I have what I need to be successful on assignment. Absolutely a stellar team. I am truly honored to be represent this organization!

– Terry, Interim SPD Manager, 8/13/2016

“As time draws near to end my 2nd Interim assignment with The First String Healthcare I can truly say it has been a pleasure once again working with an awesome team. From recruitment, on boarding, travel, move-in, a great healthcare organization and navigating around the beautiful city of San Franciso the time spent will be shared lifetime memories. Thank you Lucy, Adam, Matt, Lindsay and Kylie for always ensuring we experience a total home-away-home atmosphere and that constant care and connect beyond my contract. For permanent or interim employment, look no further and make “The First String Healthcare” your FIRST and only choice! “

– Leslie, Interim, 8/10/2016

“Adam, Kylie, Andrea, Matt, Thank you so much for the gift certificate that arrived yesterday The past 18 months were incredible. You are a great team. I look forward to joining you again in the future and will stay in touch.”

– Christine, Interim, 8/9/2016

“Just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with your staff and connecting me to the Kaiser staff in Northern California.  I had a wonderful experience and have nothing but positive things to say about all of you at The First String and the Kaiser team. Thank you again and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future and will certainly recommend your company to any medical staff who are looking to travel and or permanent placement. I am finishing my fourth year of medical school so I was not able to take a permanent position although many of the kaiser staff requested that I apply. However one more year of schooling and I will be a MD, so at this time I need to finish this last leg and return to clinical rotations. Next stop OBGYN in Wisconsin rapids. This was a tremendous help for the summer with my tuition and a pleasure to work with such a strong team of professionals. I know many clinicians from nurses and NPs to Physician assistants, as well as physicians across the country and will keep your name at the top of my list. Thank you again for the opportunity.  I hope our paths cross again in the future. Sincerely, Christine”

– Richard, Interim Dialysis Director, 8/8/2016

“I am very happy with my choice of working with The First String. Everyone has been extremely helpful to me. Adam, Matthew, Kylie, and Brad all are very dedicated and professional. For me traveling with dogs is never easy, but Matt found a great place for us to live. Adam was diligent about ensuring my comfort and ease in new role and handled my initial and extension contract with expertise. I am thankful to the whole First String team for all they did to make my move across the country peaceful and without stress!

Kudos to whole First String team- we appreciate all you do! “

– Karen, Interim Chief Quality Officer, 8/8/2016

“I had a great experience working in New Jersey in 2015 as Chief Quality Officer in an interim role. I felt very supported by First String! They ensured that I had all that I needed and was reimbursed quickly for expenses. It was easy to do the work while not worrying about any logistics. The thoughtful gifts were incredible and made my day. I would work for them again and again. “

– James, Interim Manager Renal Care Services, 8/1/2016

“I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you to The First String staff for an amazing travel experience! I am working in Anchorage Alaska for First String since February. I have been traveling for over 15 years and I can say without any hesitation that this company is the best! Recruiting(Adam), Housing(Matt) and Travel are all quick to respond to needs and requests. I could not wish for a better company to work for…..keep up the great work!”

– Kecia, Chief Nursing Officer, 3/11/2016

“Lauren was absolutely amazing to work with. While interviewing for my CNE position, she was by my side the entire time. I was able to call, text or email her whenever I had questions or concerns. She was very responsive each time. She worked very hard on behalf to make sure that my compensation package was close to my expectations. I can assure you that if you choose to work with Lauren, you will not be disappointed.”

– Suzanne, Interim Perioperative Manager, 2/18/2016

I have worked for The First String for the last year and have had the most amazing experience! I can’t say enough about how supportive and helpful Lucy and her team are! This was my first experience as an interim and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was walked through each step and loved that I could send a text if needed and ask questions, easy and smooth. The benefits compared to others, all around, are unmatched! Thank you for a wonderful year, I will send anyone looking and qualified your way because I know they will be well taken care of!

– Margaret, Manager Radiation Oncology, 1/30/2016

It has been a pleasure working with The First String Healthcare. Their onboarding, customer service and benefits are top notch. Thank you for everything. I’ve told everyone about your service!

– Jodi, Chief Nursing Officer, 1/15/2016

“I had such a great experience working with Lucy and her team for my own recruitment needs, that when it was time for me to seek another job, I contacted The First String to help me in my job search. As always, everyone at this company was a joy to work with. They are helpful, professional, and kept me informed along the way. Lucy helped me find a job in an organization that is a great fit for me. She and her team truly care about all of their clients and strive to ensure that they meet the needs of both the employer and the candidate seeking a job. I’ve worked on the hiring end with many recruitment agencies in the past, and The First String has surpassed them all. I highly recommend Lucy and The First String team!”

– Dwayne, Manager of Sterile Processing, 1/13/2016

“First String was a company which I’d never heard of until Adam contacted me via LinkedIn. I was living in VA at the time and was asked to consider an interim management role in CA. I had worked through numerous nursing and staffing companies during my 25 year career and can honestly say The First String took care of me as if I were some type of VIP. I had no worries during my assignment because Adam, Matt and Kylie bent over backward to assure I was comfortable and had everything I needed to be successful. I don’t think you will ever get the attention, rewards or recognition from any of the other agencies the way you will from The First String. First String treated me so good during my 7-month engagement that I felt guilty signing on permanently with the client.”

– Harold, SPD Manager, 1/13/2016

“I have completed one assignment and I am looking forward to my next. The process was easy and everyone was very helpful. If you have a choice for an employer, then I suggest you choose The First String.”

– Sue, Manager of Sterile Processing, 12/1/2015

“My time as an interim is coming to a close, and I have to say that the First String is the best organization ever! They made the travel, the temporary rentals and all the things that go along with being an interim so easy. The staff (Matt, Kylie, Adam, Andrea, et al) is always there for you, answering any questions, concerns etc. that you have. The rewards and monthly thank- you, let you know that they value you and your services. I recommend the First String for anyone who is looking, either as an interim or for a permanent position. Do yourself a favor, talk to the First String!”

– April, Interim Infection Prevention Program Manager, 11/8/2015

“First String has provided me with a great opportunity. My future and retirement are looking much brighter as my bank account is building and I am gaining fantastic experience in my chosen profession. Life is simple with a nice apartment and new car. I have opportunity to travel or have family and friends visit. I am respected as an expert by my employer and have extended my stay. Any concern is promptly responded to. My bed wasn’t comfortable, so I mentioned it and within two days I had a new pillow top mattress. I would highly recommend First String. They follow through on all promises. and seem to care about us as real people; not just clients.”

– Michelle, 11/6/2015

“I just completed my first assignment with The First String. I really enjoyed the experience and the professional growth I gained. Everyone was wonderful to work with!”

– Esther, 10/15/2015

“What a wonderful and pleasant experience I had working for and with the First String! They are the best company I have ever worked for! Everyone was very professional, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. I am looking forward to working for them again in the very near future. They make you feel very appreciated and special when you work for them!! Thank you First String you are a GREAT COMPANY.”

– Cindy, ED Director/Consultant, 9/21/2015

“Great experience with First String. Very supportive and kept you informed regarding the assignment. Service oriented.”

– Jose, Supervisor – Interventional Radiology, 9/21/2015

“Toward the end of 2014, I was contacted by Adam from The First String about an amazing position he wanted to talk to me about. The position Adam wanted to speak to me about was in Northern California where I was looking to move from Chicago, but had not started actively looking. I had been contacted by other recruitment agencies and found them very focused on, placement of candidates and getting paid, with very little understanding who their customers are and proceed with caution. Adam immediately was different and treated me as one of his customers. Adam worked with me from that moment on and helped me through this foreign process. Being in Chicago and not in Northern California where the position was, Adam coordinated phone interviews, travel for one-on-one interview and eventually the final offer.

What makes Adam and The First String different than any other recruiter? On my travel day from Chicago to Northern California for my one on one interview my flight was delayed for 5 hours due to weather and all the arrangements Adam had made, including my interview were in jeopardy of not being met. Adam was off work, but contacted me from his personal cell-phone and worked with The First String travel department to find me options should I not be able to make it out. He also contacted my interview panel and informed them of the situation. Luckily, after 5 hours my flight took off and I made it to Northern California. The next morning Adam contacted me to see if there was anything he could do and if everything was alright.

This showed me that Adam and The First String were more than just a recruitment company looking to place canidates and get paid. Adam understood his customers and took time to make sure that one of his customers: me, was take care of. After a few months in my new position Adam contacted me to see how things were going in my new position and if there was he could do. Now in my new role I have referred others to use The First String and my company is continuing too as well.”

– Judi,  Interim Leader, Customer Experience, 7/17/2015

“The First String helped me find the perfect position. The recruiter, Lauren, understood what I wanted and matched me with a great place. She assisted in the process and was always helpful and easy to reach. Thank you Lauren and The First String!”

– Janet, Administrative Oncology Manager 6/12/2015

“The First String helped me find the perfect position. The recruiter, Lauren, understood what I wanted and matched me with a great place. She assisted in the process and was always helpful and easy to reach. Thank you Lauren and The First String!”

– Craig, Interim Sterile Processing Supervisor, 5/25/2015

“Wow, My experience with The First String. Adam and the team are great. They have given me all the information I needed in a very timely manner for my first assignment. This has been a life changing experience. Thanks.”

– Susan, NICU Clinical Nurse Specialist 5/22/2015

“Recently I decided I wanted to return to working in the NICU in a leadership role. I had relocated and was unable to find the right position. I decided to contact The First String Because I knew that it was a quality organization and had helped me find a position in the past. The result was the offer of an interim position. The position allowed me to continue to call my new hometown home and work in the field I love. The concierge service makes everything so easy, you just need to show up, the rewards program, and all the little things they do for you truly completes the package. Joining the First String as an interim is the Best thing I have done for myself and my career for a long time. Anyone who is looking for a permanent or interim nursing leadership position-The First String is who you want!”

– Linda 5-20-2015

“The First String is a company that continually amazes me! Lucy and her team are committed to showing their employees how much they are valued. The communication received from all team members is always relevant, timely and personalized. It is the little things, such as the communication and monthly thank you gifts that reminds each of us how much they care as a team. Simply put, working for the The First String has been a rewarding and exciting experience.”

– Cheryl, Interim Chief Nursing Officer 5-17-2015

“This is my first transitional leadership position with The First String and I can’t say enough about the level of professionalism, support and attention to detail that exists at every level! Thanks to Lucy, Kylie, Matt and Team for making this experience TOP NOTCH!”

– Tanya, Interim Women’s Health Manager, 5/4/2015

“The First String goes above and beyond in doing all of the little things that are so important to making an assignment a success!! I love The First String Healthcare!!!”

– Bonnie, Interim Infection Preventionist, 4/29/2015

“My experience with The First String in an interim assignment was fantastic. The staff are helpful and committed to ensuring that you have a good experience and have everything you need to be successful. I would love to do another interim with this company!”

– Karen, 1/2/2015

“I have had the opportunity to work for The First String for only just a short time frame, so far. I am currently in my first assignment with them. All along the way, they have been by my side in support, arranging the needed housing and car, and assuring that all things fell into place for me on my arrival to Alaska. They truly care about me as an individual and a professional. Thank you First String for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great company. We can do great things together!”

– Brenda, 12/30/2014

“I have really enjoyed working with Lucy and her team. Not only do they treat their candidates top notch but their assignments are carefully chosen with top notch organizations. Each member of The First String Team is excellent and together promote the meaning of this company “The First String”

– Carol, 12/27/2014

“This is my first assignment with The First String and I must say it has been nothing but positive. Everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and to ensure I am comfortable with my assignment. I highly recommend!!”

– Linda, 12/24/2014

“I was referred to The First String by one of their clients and they took the time to understand my career goals. They understood my external requirements and communicated those ahead of time to the client. When the offer came, all parties understood each other and the process went very smoothly. They are a pleasure to work with and I will always feel confident using their services and referring friends.”

– Lee, Interim NICU Manager, 12/23/2014

“The First String Professionals went out of their way to get everything arranged before I arrived at my interim assignment in Anchorage, Alaska. Transportation and comfortable housing was waiting for me so I could start my work at the hospital without worrying about these details. The Team at The First String has been great to work with!”

– Guy, Interim OR Manager, 12/23/2014

“I have worked with Lucy and The First String in many different capacities over the years and am very happy that our relationship continues. As an employee, colleague, or client they always maintain the contact and support throughout the process.”

– Shelagh, Interim PACU Manager, 12/23/2014

“I have worked for the First String for 2/1/2 years now and simply cannot say enough about how wonderful they are! It is an incredible company with extraordinary people! Lucy and her team go out of their way to make you feel appreciated and special. Outstanding and highly recommended!”

– Kathy, Interim Chief Nursing Officer

“I have worked with Lucy and The First String in many different capacities over the years and am very happy that our relationship continues. As an employee, colleague, or client they always maintain the contact and support throughout the process.”

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