October Gift of the Month

It’s a month of tricks and treats! Fall is upon us and so are all the yummy treats and candy and desserts that come along with the season.

We really hope you all enjoyed this delicious treat we sent as the October appreciation gift!


July 2017 Gift of the Month

HELLO SUNSHINE! We hope you love this month’s summer-themed appreciation gift.

Thank you for all your continued hard work and loyalty to the First String Healthcare.


Why Limit Happy to One Hour?

Ever quarter we take a moment to step away from our desks and enjoy one another’s company and have a little fun. This time around we headed to beautiful Corona Del Mar, enjoyed some delicious tacos while watching the sunset from a rooftop. We always love our company Happy Hour because as hard as we work, we also love to play hard. Always good to reset the mind once in awhile and start fresh!

June 2017 Gift of the Month

This months appreciation gift is just what you need to get through that day full of “crisis”. Just pop some chocolate on those crazy days and all will be right in the world!

Thank you for all your continued hard work and loyalty to the First String Healthcare.


January 2017 Gift of the Month

It’s a new year and that means new beginnings! We hope that this months appreciation gift helps you all with a fresh year and new beginnings.

Thank you for all your continued hard work and loyalty to the First String Healthcare.


Tis’ the Season of Giving

Hope all our interims are enjoying this delicious treat for their December Gift of Appreciation!

We truly do appreciate everything you do not only in representing us but also what you do on a day-to-day basis for patients and the healthcare industry as a whole. Thank you for giving the gift of you everyday!


July Gift of Appreciation

July is here and time to have some fun in the sun with this months gift!

We hope you all enjoy this bright and fun beach bag and goodies.

2016 July

With So Much Thanks

Because we believe in building lifelong relationships we strive to go above and beyond to make sure our candidates are taken care of and appreciated. It’s often that we too are shown so much appreciation for the things we do to make our interim’s lives easier, make their assignments successful and help to make them feel as comfortable as possible in their home away from home. We received this amazing edible arrangement the other day from one of our happy interims:


Reward Yourself, You Deserve It!

So you love what you do. Why not earn points to redeem for awesome prizes just for doing what you do every day?! When you partner with The First String Healthcare, you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program: The Rewarding Experience. This program is created to not only show our appreciation for our healthcare leaders […]

April Gift of Appreciation

Our April Interim Gift of Appreciation is on its way! Hope everyone enjoys this delicious treat and as always thank you so much for all your hard work and for being a part of The First String family! Here at The First String Healthcare we feel it’s always important to show our gratitude towards those who continue to work hard to make the healthcare industry a better place.

2016 April Gift