Adventures in the Philippines

Recently, our very own Kira went on a trip to the Philippines for two weeks. Her pictures were beyond beautiful that we just had to share her experience with all of you:

“The Philippines was such a fun adventure and I recommend it to everyone! My boyfriend and I traveled there for about 2 weeks, and it truly wasn’t enough time! We went to Manila, Palawan, Cebu, Naga, and then back to Manila before our flight home. We were able to see some beautiful beaches and islands, as well as a bit of their history like Fort San Pedro which has been there since the 16th century! We went snorkeling at some of the beaches and also went rafting at their Underground Caves! On the last night of our trip we watched a firework show in Manila, and it was such a perfect way to cap off our trip! I will definitely be going again, but would like to explore other places next time around.”

A Visitor

Here at The First String Healthcare we work hard to build and maintain strong relationships with not only our clients but also the candidates that we place into these healthcare organizations. We get to know them not only professionally, but also personally. We were lucky enough to place one of our interims here in California who made a special trip to our headquarters to meet everyone in person. Not only that we were able to celebrate her birthday with her as well!



New York, New York

Working for The First String Healthcare as an interim healthcare leader allows you to experience some of the most amazing places in our country when taking on an assignment outside of your hometown. That’s one of the many reasons that people love working interim is to be able to travel and experience adventure across the United States while making a difference in the healthcare industry as an interim leader. We always welcome and love when our interims send us updates and photos while they are on assignment. Our latest one involves the amazing state of New York and Yankee Stadium. Michael was nice enough to send us some pictures of his experience while exploring the new stadium and around the town.

img_4433 img_4434 img_4436   img_5003 img_5027

Happy Birthday Dustin

Sending out a very happy birthday to Dustin!


1990 Events and Facts:

  1. Vision of Love by Mariah Carey was the #1 song on the billboard list
  2. Cincinnati Reds won the World Series
  3. George H. W. Bush was the president
  4. Best Selling Cars: Honda Accord, Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Cavalier
  5. Academy Award for Best Picture: Dances With Wolves
  6. Winner of the Super Bowl was San Francisco 49ers
  7. Gas was $1.12 per gallon
  8. A dozen eggs cost $1.00
  9. Cost of a new home averaged $149,800.00
  10. Number 1 TV Show was CHEERS
  11. Infiniti, Lexus and Saturn were born
  12. Rollerblading was the thing to do
  13. The Simpsons first airs on TV
  14. First in-car satellite

Somewhere in Washington

As a company specializing in permanent and interim placement in the healthcare realm we relocate many of our healthcare leaders. We work with healthcare systems all over the United States which allow for our healthcare leaders to relocate temporarily to beautiful places like Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, Texas, and many many more (too many to list). While on their assignments, our interim employees will send emails and photos to us letting us know how things are going. We sometimes get photos of the beautiful areas they explore on hikes or while camping or traveling from point a to point b. Our very own Vivenne is on assignment in Washington and she took time to get to know her surrounding areas and hiked at a local state park. The photos are breathtaking:







Happy Birthday Chrissy!

Wishing you a very happy birthday – your positive attitude, enthusiasm, and smile are infectious! Here’s to another amazing year, may all your wishes come true!



Happy National Dog Day!

“I don’t judge others, I don’t hate, I don’t discriminate, I don’t care about money, I don’t hold grudges, I DO know how to love unconditionally and that’s all I want in return. I’m a fur-ever friend!”

Happy National Dog Day to all our amazing fur-babies!