Working Interim for The First String Healthcare

The Benefits of Working Interim for The First String

We appreciate our Interims and work hard to provide them with everything they could ever need while they are out on assignment. As an Interim, you have the freedom to choose the length of time you wish to work, take as little or as much vacation as you prefer and the healthcare company you work for is your client, not employer, which allows for an amazing relationship. You have the opportunity to develop your career so that it suits your personal circumstances and you are able to widen your experience by working in a variety of environments.

Working as an Interim provides you with the ability to gain insight into different cultures, processes, operations and structures, which allows for you to be a successful and diverse leadership professional.

See what one of our recent Interims had to say about her experience working Interim for The First String Healthcare:

“I graciously want to thank you for this exciting and challenging opportunity. I appreciate you and your entire staff. 

The First String Healthcare is not one of …… is THE best company to work for.  The follow words I attribute The First String Healthcare is as follows: Excellence, prompt and effective communication, appreciation (monthly thank you gifts). I mean gifts of high quality for example I received a Micheal Kors watch (I love my watch), fruit baskets, gift cards, I can go on and on…….

May you continue to be blessed abundantly, running over.  Let your barns be filled and overpouring.  I am thankful that Rose Krantz referred me to this company.  I will be forever grateful for all that you have provided and financially poured into my life during this 8 month journey.  

If I can be of service to you please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Jeanette Williams RN | Interim Director of Cancer Center

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