Nurse Leadership, Allied and Executive Healthcare

The First String Healthcare, along with our sister company, CNO Solutions, is a healthcare-specific recruiting firm that is focused on building successful interim and permanent nurse leadership, allied and healthcare executive teams in top-rated hospitals and healthcare related businesses. As a leader in the industry, our reputation continues to be characterized by innovation, compassion, integrity, social responsibility and fun. We have worked with over 260 of the nation’s top hospitals and have placed over 1,000 professionals, with an 85% success rate against national competitors.

Our standards are the highest in the industry and are driven by our commitment to professionalism, reputations, timing and life-long partnerships. Our passion for pairing great companies with the most qualified healthcare leadership talent is the driving force behind the success we have in creating sustainable and successful healthcare management teams. We have built a private network of over 41,000 healthcare educators, managers, directors and executives, which is a key part of our record accomplishments.

With our specialty focus on nurse leadership, allied and executive recruitment in the healthcare sector, we are able to maintain the broadest and deepest industry understanding through our ongoing relationships. The relationships we build and maintain are the foundation on which we have built our company.

With relationships, comes trust – trust in us to open the doors of success for you.

Improving Healthcare Communities

We believe that great companies should not only provide value to their industry but also provide an even greater value to the community. Here at The First String Healthcare, we are committed to doing all that we can to not only improve the healthcare industry, but also improve nurse-specific communities. Every month a portion of our profits are donated to charity, and throughout the year we make charitable donations as the opportunities arise.

As a servant leader, we stand strongly behind our mission to enrich lives, always do what is right and to continue to build our organization on a just and caring foundation. With our primary focus on the well-being of people, the industry, organizations and communities we continue to measure our success based upon what we give, and not what we make.