Our Family Grew by 5!

At The First String we bring the best of the best to the family so that we can continue to provide the best service out there. We make sure every person that joins our team is passionate about not only the healthcare professionals who we connect with daily, but also is committed to improving the healthcare industry as a whole.

Meet the newest additions:


Kelsi Phillips

Kelsi graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in History. She is thrilled to join the First String Healthcare to support the Interim Recruitment Team by sourcing candidates and building new relationships.

I LOVE: traveling, hiking, cats and Mexican food.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: Blue Oyster Cult, ice cream, coffee

FAVORITE QUOTE: “A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.” – Kurt Vonnegut

IN MY SPARE TIME: you can find me climbing, at the gym, practicing the bass, hiking in Joshua Tree National Park or going to concerts.


Joe Della Maggiore

Joe graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. With his sights set on Permanent Recruiting, Joe is hoping to build quality relationships with good people across the Healthcare landscape. He loves connecting with people and is looking to match them with opportunities that they are passionate about.

I LOVE: going camping with friends, fishing, surfing, skateboarding, golfing, road trips, good whiskey and rock n roll.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: late night breakfast burritos and The Office

FAVORITE QUOTE: “When the going gets weird, the weird get professional”

IN MY SPARE TIME: you can find me in my backyard shaping surfboards, floating around the Pacific, at a local concert, or relaxing on the golf course.


Jessica Zell


McKenna Johnson

McKenna graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Public Relations and a minor in Business. She is currently a part of The First String Permanent sourcing team. She is excited to support the team in finding qualified candidates for available opportunities.

I LOVE: my Golden Retriever, traveling, concerts, the beach and the Oregon Ducks.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: red wine, reality TV and Mexican food

FAVORITE QUOTE: “You win some, you lose some” 

IN MY SPARE TIME: you can find me spending time with my friends and family, shopping, exercising, or at the beach.


Michael Della Maggiore

Michael graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Business and Music. With the goal of becoming a recruiter for the permanent division, he is looking to create and sustain real connections with good people. As a recruitment research analyst, he will strive to connect people to opportunities that can highlight their passions and strengths.

I LOVE: backpacking, snowboarding, traveling, watching baseball and watching my Ducks play on Saturdays.


FAVORITE QUOTE: “You have to be odd to be number one” 

IN MY SPARE TIME: you can find me rooting for my Ducks, playing golf, camping or checking out a local brewery trying to find the best IPA out there.

Dancing for a Cause

Flashback Productions presents: Once Upon a FlashbackYour favorite Disney classics with a modern twist

Here at The First String Healthcare we strive to sometimes step outside the typical day to day role’s and give back to the community in our own special ways. Our very own Dana Bonifacio, who is very involved with Disney, participates in an annual showcase held by Disneyland Resort that supports the Accelerate Change Together organization in Anaheim, California. This organization was made to help “build a better future for the youth of Anaheim”  and is also supported by Angels Baseball and Anaheim Ducks.  It is a musical theater production with singing, dancing and acting; comprised of Disneyland cast members throughout the resort.  It is performed at Disney California Adventure on the Hyperion Theater stage.  The resort is split up into 4 teams depending on their area work location.  Rehearsals are 4 days a week, Monday – Thursday nights, 4 hours each day for 6 weeks straight.  All participants of the production earn volunteer hours.  Dana is part of the core dance team and was chosen by the leadership team as the “dance team captain”.  Every year Disney donates all proceeds from the shows revenue to a charity and this year the team was able to donate $15,000.  This is Dana’s 3rd season participating in this production.

Everyone gathers together for the same cause, which allows people from all areas of the Disney organization to interact and work together that wouldn’t normally connect outside of this production. Most participants have never danced before so it’s great for them to come out of their shell and learn something new!!

Not all of us were able to attend, but she had an amazing support team thanks to Emily, Samantha, Lindsay, Kylie, Steph, Matt and Elissa.

We are so proud to have Dana on our team!

Happy Birthday Anne!

We wanted Anne to have a very special day so we filled her office with black and white (her favorite colors) balloons and gold and black streamers. Without Anne this office would not be where it is today. Thank you for all you do for us! Happiest of Birthdays to you and we hope this year brings you everything you wish for.

Miracles for Kids

This year The First String Healthcare adopted a family of a terminally ill child to make sure they had a Christmas they would never forget. A couple of us here at the office took time to personally deliver the gifts to not only our family but to 2 additional families as well, hoping to bring good spirits to them all. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet any of the children personally, but knowing that through the pain and sickness they are dealing with coming home to these gifts will make them smile and make them forget about all that even if it’s just for a second brings a smile to all of our faces here.

Merry Christmas!

A Visitor

Here at The First String Healthcare we work hard to build and maintain strong relationships with not only our clients but also the candidates that we place into these healthcare organizations. We get to know them not only professionally, but also personally. We were lucky enough to place one of our interims here in California who made a special trip to our headquarters to meet everyone in person. Not only that we were able to celebrate her birthday with her as well!



Improving Outcomes: Sales Summit

The First String Healthcare gathered together in Northern California with AMN and The First String sales and support thought leaders for The First String Healthcare Annual Sales Summit. We enjoyed a couple days together having breakout conversations, discussing strategies and goal planning. Our goal ultimately is to improve the outcomes for hospitals and patients across the United States!




Happy To Announce!

We have a new member of the family! As we continue to grow, we continue to add amazing people to our team here at The First String Healthcare.

We are lucky to have Dana with us who will partner up with Matt on the Concierge Services team.

Please help us in making her feel welcome.



Graduated from the University of Hawaii- West Oahu with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Moved to California to intern with The Walt Disney Company and later worked with their Workforce Management team for Retail Operations.  Just a typical small town island girl fascinated with new adventures on the mainland.

I LOVE: Visiting family in Hawaii, Disneyland, hiking, crafting, gardening, loose leaf tea, boba, acai bowls and kawaii trinkets.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: Garlic with a side of fries and cupcakes, but never together.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take your breath away.”

IN MY SPARE TIME: You can find me watching something on Netflix or Hulu Plus, researching U.S. National Parks and Monuments to visit, chilling at local breweries, or taking a dance class.

Happy Birthday Matt!

Wishing our very own Matt a very happy birthday! Thanks for all your hard work and for all your amazing daily facts.


1989 Events and Facts:

Average cost of a new house $120,000

Gallon of Gas $0.97

The Mirage Hotel and Casino opens in Las Vegas as the first huge resort hotel

Nintendo releases the Game Boy in Japan and North America

Oakland Athletics win the World Series

San Francisco 49ers Win the Super Bowl

TOP MOVIES: Batman | Back to the Future II | Honey I Shrunk the Kids | The Little Mermaid

Number 1 Hit on the Billboard this week: “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” by Milli Vanilli

Taylor Swift was BORN

Disney opened it’s Hollywood Studios park at Disney World

Welcome to the Family, Emily!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our newest member of the team, Emily Lucas. Emily joins our Interim Division to assist with the on-boarding and candidate relations. Emily graduated with Honors from the University of California San Diego with a BA in Sociology of Science, Medicine, and Technology. She is thrilled to join The First String team in helping with the on-boarding process for interim candidates.


Emily Lucas The First String


I LOVE: My family and friends. Star Wars. The Packers & Chargers. The Holiday season. You will find me at my desk wearing a Christmas sweater in July.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: Spice Girls Dance Parties, binge watching The Bachelor or Grey’s Anatomy, and Pinot Noir

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

IN MY SPARE TIME: I’ll be with friends or family, at Disneyland, by the beach, helping at the family winery, or at a dance class.

Welcome Dustin to our Interim Division!


Please join us in welcoming our newest member of The First String Healthcare, Dustin! Dustin joins us as a Recruitment Specialist for our Interim Recruitment Division.

Dustin graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Communications. As a member of The First String Healthcare’s team, Dustin enjoys developing trust and relationships with clients and candidates. Dustin has a passion and thrives in assisting gifted and qualified candidates find new opportunities in the Healthcare Industry.

I LOVE: Spending time with my family and friends. Beach days, playing sports, snowboarding, surfing, Oregon Ducks Football, San Diego Chargers and Padres.

MY GUILTY PLEASURE: California Burritos!

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

IN MY SPARE TIME: You can find me at the beach, exercising, or with my friends.