Happy Birthday Dustin

Sending out a very happy birthday to Dustin!


1990 Events and Facts:

  1. Vision of Love by Mariah Carey was the #1 song on the billboard list
  2. Cincinnati Reds won the World Series
  3. George H. W. Bush was the president
  4. Best Selling Cars: Honda Accord, Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Cavalier
  5. Academy Award for Best Picture: Dances With Wolves
  6. Winner of the Super Bowl was San Francisco 49ers
  7. Gas was $1.12 per gallon
  8. A dozen eggs cost $1.00
  9. Cost of a new home averaged $149,800.00
  10. Number 1 TV Show was CHEERS
  11. Infiniti, Lexus and Saturn were born
  12. Rollerblading was the thing to do
  13. The Simpsons first airs on TV
  14. First in-car satellite
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